Best Private Wedding Venues on Isla Mujeres Mexico

The Best Private Venues on Isla Mujeres

We have traveled far a wide looking for other great destination locations but Isla Mujeres is, by far, the best destination wedding location we have found. SEE THIS POST TO SEE WHY. Among other things, it is safe, easy to get to (less than a 4 hour flight from anywhere in the USA), close to an international airport with very affordable flights, and has affordable accommodations. Isla Mujeres is also full of amazing restaurants with a variety of cuisines, and authentic local life. Your guests can experience a great night life and activities like shopping. Isla Mujeres has one of the best beaches hands down, with world renowned water sports (fishing and diving) and unique experiences right on the island. The more adventurous guests can zip line, swim with whale sharks and sea turtles, or go golf cart bar hopping and wing diving.

We have been hosting private weddings on Isla Mujeres since 2002 (has it already been 18 years?) and have arranged for at least 500 weddings at the local, private venues. All of the venues we like are private, meaning that they are not at a resort but are stand-alone beach clubs or private rental houses. No strangers in bikinis or Speedos popping in on your wedding! Here are our top 7 PRIVATE wedding venues on the island (in order of popularity):

#1 – Zama Beach Club

Zama Beach Club is the most popular private beach club to host a wedding of more than 40 guests. The property has 4 distinctly different areas that allow for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing, so it’s popularity comes at no surprise. It sports an eco-chic feel with a large pergola overlooking 3 cascading pools and a large thatch roof restaurant-bar that can hold up to 100 people (with room to expand onto the gardens and the beach). The beach is large enough to host a sit down dinner for 200 guests, if needed. There is also a large garden area with an amazing greenery wall for formal photos as well as a dock for those romantic sunset portraits. Zama boasts a large gourmet kitchen and has won awards in gastronomy. Site fees range from $1450-3450 USD, depending on the day of the week. Contact us for more information.


#2 – Vela Vento

Vela Vento is one of our newest locations, ideal for evening weddings. It transforms from a day club for sailboats to a beautiful wedding space at night. It is an intimate venue with lots of thatch huts and palm trees. Guests can arrive via double decker boat to the main dock or taxi to the street entrance. The beach is large enough to seat up to 90 guests. There is a winding path that takes you past a swimming pool and the gardens towards the restrooms, making it easy to get in and out. We supply catering to this venue, so you are free to customize your menu and bar any way you like it! Vela Vento is also one of the only venues that allows Sunday weddings. The site fee is a flat $1000 USD, regardless of the day. Contact us for more information.


#3 – Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita is a private rental home with a hacienda feel and has the largest garden area in Isla Mujeres. It’s connected to Villa Bonita Condominiums, which can accommodate 42 guests on-site and the property can host a wedding of up to 70 guests easily. Your ceremony can be in the gardens or on the beach followed by a garden dinner. There is an outdoor kitchen that works great for the catering and bar. This location is awesome for the DIY bride since there are no restrictions. And since it is a private villa, you can also have a Sunday wedding. The site fee is $600 plus the house rental for a 4 night minimum. Contact us for more information.


#4 – Playa Lancheros

Playa Lancheros is one of the oldest beach clubs on Isla Mujeres. There are 2 large open-air buildings that can accommodate 100 guests each for dinner and dancing. Also on-site is a smaller garden area, a large beach and a dock. We like Playa Lancheros since there is a built in Plan B and it is easy to dress up. Playa Lancheros is semi-private as it shares a dock with the neighboring beach club and sometimes has outside guests walking through the beach. The site fees range from $1100-1500 depending on the day of the week.  Contact us for more information.


#5 – Kin-Ha

This venue is the restaurant of the famed Casa de los Suenos Boutique Hotel. The hotel has 10 rooms and a presidential suite. While you can rent out the whole hotel, it is not necessary in order to have your wedding at Kin-Ha. There is a large deck area and dock that gives a unique experience for your guests. Kin-Ha also has cascading pools and a large thatch roof restaurant area that can host up to 90 guests. This is also a great location for a Welcome Dinner or Honeymoon Brunch. The site fee is $2500 USD Monday-Saturday (lower fee if you rent the hotel rooms). Contact us for more information.

#6 – Garrafon Park/Punta Sur

Do you want to get married on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean sea? If so, this is the venue for you! After having your wedding on the cliffs, your guests can move to the Garrafon Park for dinner and dancing. It is a unique location, as it includes both the south point of the island and the entire Garrafon Park. It boasts a garden area, pool, large dining area and dock. You can also opt to have dinner and dancing on Punta Sur weather permitting. Site fees range depending on the amount of guests but in general are around $1500-$4000.  Contact us for more information.


#7 – Captain Dulche

This huge beach club is essentially a museum on the beach (how cool!) with sculptures throughout the property, a very long dock and a life size boat in the middle of the restaurant. This property can accommodate 200 guests and also has a large pool and a 2nd large palapa restaurant area, which can be used as a Plan B. There are two restroom areas and you can also utilize the dock to have your guests arrive on a boat. The site fee is $4060 USD Monday-Saturday. Contact us for more information.


Not sure which venue would fit your style and your guest count? We can talk through your options. We offer free consultations as we know most couples don’t really know where to start when planning a destination wedding. We are here to help! (507) 216-5700 or

Honorable mentions

Here are some smaller rental houses that also work great if you are having a wedding with 30 people (or less) and a great new hostel option when you want to keep everything in the same place.

#1 – Casa Mimosa

Casa Mimosa was one of the original houses where we got our start hosting weddings. This home is right next to Zama Beach Club and has everything you would want in a sunset wedding location – beach, pool, panoramic rooftop view, and outdoor kitchen. Casa Mimosa has 5 bedrooms (each with their own bathroom) and two kitchens.

#2 – Vista de la Luz

Vista de la Luz has been featured in many luxury island magazines with its 3 story elegance. Although it does not have a beach, the dock hut is a perfect location for an intimate wedding right on the crystal blue sea. The views are spectacular from every floor. Vista de la Luz has 4 bedrooms and a pool house and is located right next door to Kin-Ha Restaurant and Casa de los Suenos hotel.

#3 – Casa Gamelos

This private home doesn’t face the sunset but it works great for a small private home style wedding.

Due to the architecture of the “twin” homes and the sprawling backyard with cliffs, it is a picturesque paradise. We recommend weddings here from March to October (as winter months bring some potentially windy days for this house)


#4 – Casa Coco by Coco B

Although we have not formally hosted a wedding at this luxury boutique hotel, we have seen its potential to be a unique option with its beautiful interior and garden area overlooking the sea. It boasts 12 individual hotel rooms and an optional 3 bedroom residence next door.  This is truly a location where all your guests can have a fantastic “wedding weekend event”.

#5 – Nomads Hostel

Nomads Hostel is located closer to South Point, but this is a great opportunity to rent out an entire hotel (80 beds) for you and your closest friends and family. The property is decorated perfectly for a Boho Beach Wedding and has a restaurant, bar, small pool on-site. If you envision a 4 day long celebration with fun activities and everyone staying together – this might be the perfect place.

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