Welcome Bag Series: #4 Tips on How to Deliver your Welcome Bags

  1. Why have a Welcome Letter
  2. What to include in your Welcome Letter
  3. How to Deliver your Welcome Letter


When doing a destination wedding or have lots of out-of-town guests, you should always give those guests a Welcome Letter. The main purpose of this letter is to give your guests information pertaining to your wedding in a convenient handy to have on-hand way.  Let’s be honest, most guests haven’t looked at your website since they got your invitation. They have probably forgot about it. This Welcome Letter makes it easy for them to “get with the program” when they arrive to the destination. It is also a great way to show your guests gratitude for making the trip.


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Welcome Letters should include:

  • A “Thank you for coming” note expressing your gratitude that they are there to celebrate your big day
  • Schedule of Events – This is a list of events related to your wedding that would include date/time/place, dress code, directions/taxi price/bus pick-up time, summary of what to expect
  • Map of the area/hotel/venue
  • How to contact you or your wedding planner in case of an emergency
  • It can also include:
    • Top Things to Do in your destination
    • Top places to eat, drink & be merry
    • Good to Know Info such as currency exchange information, a list of useful phrases in the language of your destination,



There are a few ways to deliver your Welcome Letter:

  • Hotel – You can ask the hotel reception if they can either hand out your letter to each guest when they check-in or you can ask that the letter be put in the room before check-in. It might be helpful for the staff if your letter was in an envelope with the couples names and the date of check-in. Some hotels might charge for this, so we recommend to reach out to your contact at the hotel and ask what their policies are.
  • Welcome Bag – If you made Welcome Bags, then just slip one inside each bag. Easy-peasy.
  • In-Person – This might take a lot of planning and coordination but hanging out in the hotel lobby (hopefully there is a bar within eye shot of the front desk) as most guests are arriving allows you to personally welcome each couple and hand deliver your Welcome Letter.
  • Online – If you have contact information for all your guests, then a service like Paperless Post can send a digital letter to your guests on the day before they travel. This elevates stress with delivering your letter physically (not to mention eco-friendly) however, it is not as handy for your guests as a printed out copy would be.